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Choosing the right solar panel type is crucial for optimizing energy generation and affordability. In this blog post, we’ll delve into different solar panel types, their per watt generation, cost, and panel sizes. Discover cost-effective options for renewable energy investments with Immortals Solar, your trusted partner in solar solutions.

Overview of Solar Panel Types

  1. Monocrystalline Solar Panels
    • Per Watt Generation: Typically 0.09-0.11 kWh per month
    • Panel Size: 400-540 watts
    • Cost: ₹18-₹22 per watt
  2. Polycrystalline Solar Panels
    • Per Watt Generation: Generally 0.08-0.09 kWh per month
    • Panel Size: 335 watts
    • Cost: ₹15-₹20 per watt
  3. Bifacial Solar Panels
    • Per Watt Generation: Higher efficiency, approximately 0.1-0.12 kWh per month
    • Panel Size: 540-660 watts
    • Cost: ₹20-₹25 per watt
  4. TOPcon Solar Panels
    • Per Watt Generation: Highest efficiency, ranging from 0.12-0.15 kWh per month
    • Panel Size: 540-660 watts
    • Cost: ₹25-₹30 per watt

Solar Panel Cost & Generation Comparison

Here’s a comparison table with reduced costs for different solar panel types:

Solar Panel TypePer Watt Generation (kWh/month)Panel Size (watts)Cost per Watt (₹)
Monocrystalline0.09 – 0.11400-540₹18-₹22
Polycrystalline0.08 – 0.09335₹15-₹20
Bifacial0.1 – 0.12540-660₹20-₹25
TOPcon0.12 – 0.15540-660₹25-₹30

Immortals Solar: Affordable Solar Solutions

At Immortals Solar, we believe in making solar energy accessible to everyone. With our cost-effective solar panels and expertise in renewable energy, we help you transition to clean, sustainable power without breaking the bank.

Conclusion: Choose Immortals Solar for Affordable Solar Solutions

Understanding the cost and generation capabilities of different solar panel types is essential for making an informed decision. Immortals Solar offers high-quality, affordable options to meet your energy needs and contribute to a greener planet.

Ready to embrace solar power affordably? Contact Immortals Solar today and start your journey towards a brighter, sustainable future!

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