Our Company

Immortals Solar – A Unit of Immortex Marketing Private Limited was founded in 2017, with the soul propose to re-create our mother Earth where our offspring’s can strive in a pollution-free environment.

Immortals is bridging the gap & ease of switching from the conventional energy infrastructure to renewable energy by making solar energy affordable and accessible to every rooftop owner out there.

Immortal Vision & Mission

Mission: To capture every ounce of enormous energy from the Sun to illuminate every city with THE IMMORTAL POWER, which is renewable, clean, economical, and lucrative to every soul on Earth.

Vision: We strive to be the “World’s Finest Fin-Tech Renewable Energy Start- up,” evoking the most powerful aura of vertically integrated alternative energy solutions, which will be lucrative in developing a carbon-free Evergreen Universe for our descendants to inhabit in the future

Our Expertise


  • Empaneled Vendor with MNRE (Ministry of New & Renewable Energy)
  • Quality over cost
  • Guaranteed 99.99% Efficiency as per design
  • 100% Error Free Installation
  • High quality installation with zero maintenance
  • ROI within 3 Years

Immortals Timeline

May - 2017
Launch - Immortex Marketing (Proprietor)
June - 2017
Dealership of Established Solar Company
July - 2017
Self - Installation at Office of Immortals
Dec- 2017
Team of 5, with 4 residential Installation
March - 2020
Total Projects Done - 30+ (Residential)
Aug - 2020
Proprietor to Private Limited
Dec - 2020
Supply Chain Phase-1 Begins
Jan - 2021
Crossed 30 Dealers In Maharashtra
Jan 21 - Dec 21
900+ dealers PAN India
Empaneled Vendor with MNRE - Maharashtra
2023 - till date..
Empaneled Vendor with MNRE - Utter Pradesh- Opened Branches in Kanpur, Varanasi & Ghaziabad

Our Values & Business Ethics

Our beliefs create a solid foundation for everyone who gets associated with us, which serves as a mantra for our success and distinguishes us from our competition. Our corporate ethics are based on the Indian philosophy of Yoga, which enables us realize our goal. The following are priceless values:

अणहंसा सत्या स्तमेब्रह्मचमा ऩ यणयर्ग्हा मभा् ॥ ३०॥
Chapter 2: Sadhana pada ||2.30||

  • AHIMSA- NON-VIOLENCE – It is the first Yama and is of highest importance for us. It even supersedes all other guidelines as causing harm or destruction is strictly discouraged in our corporate culture.
  • SATYA – TRUTHFULNESS – Being truthful at all times does not mean that we don’t understand or underestimate our dealers, customers or our employees. Instead, it implies we are open to any form of communication and positive suggestions adoption if it is beneficial to all and are spoken with great care. As the popular adage goes “One should not tell the truth unkindly” Trust is what we have earned & what we strive for, which will remain throughout, we earn trust!
  • ASTEYA- NON-STEALING – To never take what is not ours or what we haven’t rightfully earned is Asteya. Thus, faking ourselves, accepting the unacceptable just to close a deal or a situation is not what we follow or promote at any levels inside or outside our company’s aura.
  • BRAHMACHARYA- SENSUAL RESTRAINS – It literally means celibacy and is often interpreted as abstinence from all sexual activities. Some also define it as absolute control over the senses and thus our desires in general. This Yama guides our family of Immortals to stay away from sensual indulgence, greed etc, this keeps our system and environment cleaner and selfless.
  • APARIGRAHA – NON-POSSESSIVENESS – To live with only as much as we need, to not accept more than that even if it is gifted to us. This keeps our supply chain profitable at every step and interval. We respect our customers, and we feel they shouldn’t get cheated by any of our family member, so we developed an software, which keeps a tract of all the financial activities across the network.

शौ चसंतो षतपः स्वा ध्या ये श्वरप्रणि धा ना णनणनयमाः ॥२.३२॥
Chapter 2: Sadhana pada ||2.32||

  • SAUCH- SELF PURIFICATION – The deepest and most subtle aspect of Sauch is purity of thoughts and feelings. We endeavour purity in our business model, purity in our products, purity in investments and returns and also the purity in our thoughts and seek that level of purity in our IMMORTAL FAMILY
  • SANTOSH- CONTENTEMENT– This is the ability to recognize that although it is important to make our environment and life situation better through proper efforts, the world around you is never going to be perfect and absolutely to our liking. Therefore, the IMMORTALS FAMILY should be happy with what he has within himself and endeavour to do the best he can with what he has got, to make The World a Better Place to Live.
  • TAPAS- SELF DESCIPLINE – Tapas is austerity. The luxury and comfort of our modern society, with all its advantages, makes our mind soft and weak. To strengthen ourselves physically and mentally we must practice austerities. The highest tapas is to work hard and be dedicated towards making a sustainable, carbon free and financially secure future.
  • SWADHYAYA- SELF STUDY – Swadhyaya literally means study of ‘the Self’. ‘The Self’ has got greatest powers within, which remain untapped and unexplored. IMMORTALS taps that power within you to concur aposition in this dynamic unpredictable society to make you feel proud a tyour final destination that: ‘I was the change, I wanted to see in the world’.
  • ISHWARAPRANIDHANI- SELF SURRENDER – Ishwarapranidhani is surrender to God’s will and devotion. All ethical and moral precepts of IMMORTALS culminate here. Until we surrender ourselves to our values, our family, our society, our culture, our work, our own company we cannot achieve the utmost goal of humanity.

Why Immortals
What's So Special ?

We don’t sell renewable energy solution, We are re-shaping Earth for your off-springs

At Glance

Immortals Solar is a trusted brand in solar industry having registered with Ministry of New & renewable energy (MNRE) and a founder member of All Indian Renewable Energy Association (AIREA)

Key Metrics


Solar Delivered On Roof


Solar Delivered On Roof


Solar Delivered On Roof


Solar Delivered On Roof


Solar Delivered On Roof

Renewable energy is not for the light-hearted, it needs one-time investments, own rooftop, and lots of courage to take the decision to switch from conventional energy to renewable energy.
The in-house team for design, installation, and maintenance makes our consumers trust us more than any other brand. We fill the gap of transition by providing subsidy, and trusted & certified products that last for at least 25 years. Our solar power generating plants are designed and curated custom as per the requirement of every site.



Benefits One

In house team for design, engineering & plant management with Remote monitoring ensures every consumer gets 99.99% generation output and 100% Return on Investment


Benefits Two

Renewable sector in India is still underdeveloped & is highly unorganized, we on the other hand are Empaneled with MNRE having uniformity in cost & quality PAN India


Benefits Three

Immortals Solar started this company by being a customer first, we installed our first solar on our office premises deeply understanding the problems faced by being an end consumer

Foreword from Founder

Let us all work together to SAVE THE WORLD for our kids and future generations to live in. Immortals Solar was born to reshape the lost human touch and protect our beautiful Mother Earth from our own inhumanity.


With a background in the field of Naturopathy, I’ve been following up on my passion for working & creating an impact at the community level rather than treating individuals.


With extensive understanding of renewable energy and an MBA in Crisis Management, I lead the team with my founder to Save Earth for Us.




(Founder & Director)

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