Calculating 3KW Solar Generation and Savings Over 25 Years

Understanding the energy generation and potential savings of a 3KW solar system over time can help you make informed decisions about your renewable energy investment. In this guide, we’ll delve into the daily, monthly, and yearly energy generation of a 3KW solar setup, along with the potential savings over 25 years. And stay tuned to discover how Immortals Solar can enhance your journey towards sustainable energy without mentioning the cost of electricity.

Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Solar Generation

  1. Daily Generation: A 3KW solar system can typically generate around 12-15 kWh of electricity per day, depending on factors like sunlight availability and panel efficiency.
  2. Monthly Generation: With an average daily generation of 14 kWh, a 3KW solar system can produce approximately 420 kWh of electricity per month.
  3. Yearly Generation: Over the course of a year, a 3KW solar system can generate roughly 5,040 kWh of electricity, assuming consistent performance throughout the seasons.

Calculating Potential Savings Over 25 Years

To estimate potential savings over 25 years without mentioning the cost of electricity, we’ll use the following assumptions:

  • Annual generation: 5,040 kWh
  • Assuming consistent generation over 25 years (which may vary in reality)
  • Cost per unit of electricity (₹16 per kWh)

To estimate potential savings over 25 years, let’s consider the following assumptions:

  • Annual generation: 5,040 kWh
  • Cost per unit of electricity: ₹16 per kWh

Savings Calculation:

  • Annual savings = Annual generation * Cost per unit
  • Annual savings = 5,040 kWh * ₹16/kWh = ₹80,640
  • 25-year savings = Annual savings * 25
  • 25-year savings = ₹80,640 * 25 = ₹20,16,000

Over a span of 25 years, a 3KW solar system can potentially save you ₹20,16,000, assuming consistent performance and electricity cost.

Immortals Solar: Your Renewable Energy Partner

Immortals Solar brings expertise and innovation to your renewable energy journey, ensuring optimal performance and returns on your investment:

  • Efficient Design: They design and install solar systems with precision, maximizing energy production and system reliability.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance: With tools for energy monitoring and regular maintenance services, they ensure your solar system operates at peak efficiency.
  • Financial Guidance: Immortals Solar provides insights into incentives, rebates, and financing options, making renewable energy accessible and cost-effective.


A 3KW solar system can potentially save you ₹20,16,000 over 25 years, contributing to a sustainable and efficient energy future. With Immortals Solar’s expertise, you can harness the full potential of solar power and enjoy long-term financial benefits.

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