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Aug 2020 The Beginning
Launched Healthcare

Launched Healthcare products (looking at the Covid Pandemic).

Sept 2020 Launch of Ecom store
Launched E-commerce for Healthcare

Launched E-commerce website for Healthcare products.

Feb 2020 Healthcare Venture failed
Failed at generating enough Profits with Healthcare products

Could make revenue of only ₹1 lac (failed). Tons of competitors and bigger brands came up with similar and better products. Since they had a more recognized brand name, people would prefer those over our products.

Feb 2021 Perfume Brand launched
Started an In-House Exported Perfume Brand

Did a tremendous amount of research and finally launched an In-House Perfume Brand.

Feb 2021 Second Lockdown
Shut down In-House Perfume Brand

Delivery process failed due to Non-Essential Item restriction (failed). There was no point in manufacturing any more stock which eventually led to bidding goodbye to our perfume brand.

May 2021 R&D Started on Solar
Idea to Enter Solar Industry

Took a dealership and Started With EPC - Faced 99 problems everyday - To find a solution being a dealer and understanding customer.

July 2021 Launched Immortals Power
Launched IMMORTALS POWER (Worlds Finest Solar Startup)

After all that RnD, we came up with Immortals Power and launched it with full determination. This time we knew we won't back down!

July 2021 PV Module manufacturing began
Collaborative Manufacturing of PV module started

Collaborative Manufacturing of PV module started after learning about how and where it is done.

1st Aug 2021 Tie Ups made
Tie Ups with Various Brands

Tied up with Various brands to provide everything related to solar under one roof - From PV module to the tiniest screw.

12th Aug 2021
Supply Chain Phase 1 Begins

Aiming to create a network of Dealers or IMMORTALS POWER station across the country.

30th Aug 2021
Crossed 30 Dealers across Maharashtra

With best possible PV module available / Cheapest cost / Covid affected people with No money could start their own business / Dealers get support of

  • Google Maps presence / verified Google location for your business for better visibility.
  • Lead generation & follow-up system.
  • Solar System Calculator – On-Grid and Off-Grid along with quotation maker.
  • Certificate along with visiting card
  • Dedicated dealer technical support helpline
15th Oct 2021
Crossed 100 Dealers across India
1st Jan 2022
Launched Sama

Solar Community

15th Jan 2022
Launched Rig

Solar Supply chain Management Software


Distributor Login
Username: IMM320
Password: 123456

Dealer Login
Username: IMM321
Password: 123456

15th April 2022
Crossed 600 Dealers across India
3rd June 2022 Coming Soon
Launch Atharva

Distributed Solar Energy Software

3rd Sept 2022 Coming Soon
Launch Yajur

Solar crowdfunding for villages

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