Immortals Power 7kW On-Grid Solar System 3-Phase: Mono Subsidy Available

All prices are inclusive of GST.

SUITABLE FOR: 721 – 840 avg. monthly units consumption

Net contents of Package:

  • Government Subsidy Amount ₹72,940
  • Vendor Name: Immortex Marketing Pvt. Ltd
  • Solar Panel: Mono-crystalline 400W (25 years warranty)
  • Grid-tie inverter: 97% efficiency, with remote monitoring enabled, 5 years warranty
  • BOS kit: AC DB, DC DB, DC cables, MC-4 connector, earthing rod, lightning arrestor, cable tie, insulation tape, conduct pipe, metal screw with grip, earthing cable.
  • Structure: GI low-rise

Space required: 374 sq.ft

Unit Generation: 4-5 units per kW per day


Disclaimer: On-grid system does not work when there is a power failure.
Standard installation – Included.
For Complex installation, commissioning & Net metering contact our nearest dealer.

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Mentioned here are the specifications of the Solar Panel in the Immortals Power 7kW On-Grid Solar System 3-Phase: Mono

Mono-crystalline 400W Panel: IP-400MCP 400W

Maximum Power 400Wp
Maximum Power Tolerance

0 ̴+5W

Maximum Power Voltage ( Vpm ) 41.80V
Maximum Power Current ( Imp ) 9.61A
Open Circuit Voltage ( Voc ) 49.80V
Short Circuit Current ( Isc ) 10.23A
Module Efficiency (η) 20.15%
F.F 78.60%
Maximum System Voltage 1500VDC
Maximum Series Fuse 20A
Maximum System Voltage 1000VDC
Application Class A


Length 1985 mm + 1 mm

1000 mm + 1mm

Height 35 mm + 0.5 mm
Mounting Holes 14 mm x 9mm (Oblong,8 nos.)
X1 – Pitch


X2 – Pitch NA
X – Pitch 970 mm + 1 mm
Y1 – Pitch 860 mm + 1 mm
Y2 – Pitch

1200 mm + 1 mm

Grounding Hole ɸ 7 mm
Module Weight 22 Kg

*Standard Test Conditions (STC): 1000 W/m irradiance, AM 1.5 spectrum and 25 Deg. C cell temperature

10 Years Limited product Warranty
25 years Limited Power Output Warranty
Minimum 90% at the end of 10 years
Minimum 80% at the end of 25 years

Additional information

Panel type

Monocrystalline Panel 400W, Polycrystalline Panel 335W


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