Masculino | Extrait de Parfum | For Men | Senses by Immortals

A spritz of Masculino will make you feel like the exquisite man that you are. Embark on a journey into a heart of musk with all its multiple facets and discover a mysterious essence for an unforgettable man graced with sophistication and masculinity. Masculino exudes confidence and power. Live like an aristocrat, conquer the world. Because A los tontos no les dura el dinero.


  • Top: Lavender, Amalfi Lemon, Bergamot;
  • Middle: African Orange flower;
  • Base: Virginia Cedar, Vanilla

Spray on body | Aromas from France, bottled in India.

Get a whiff of the best scents brought to you exclusively by Senses by Immortals.



Masculino will drench your senses in class and stature. The blend of floral, amber and woody notes expresses a subtle elegance that captures the senses and leaves a timeless, tender trail. Masculino is responsible, resourceful and kind. Chivalry runs through his veins and he knows how to take care of a lady. He is quite the Family Man too. He values the commitments he has made. Wherever you go with this parfum on, it will be as though you are a magnetic personality. People will just find a reason to be close to you. Go on, leave them speechless. Be that Mr Indescribable for somebody. It’s like they say, women are more influenced by how a man smells than how he looks. Men, go on, choose your fragrance. Choose us.

Masculino is just one of them..

Senses by Immortals, brings to you aromas from France, bottled here in India. We’ve carefully and tastefully picked out fragrances which will reignite your senses from the inside out. We know you’ll keep coming back for more. We have come up with Senses listening to your feedback and have some more products waiting to be launched. A huge thank you to those who have reached out to us and given us your take on products which you would like to see us offer.

Perfume follows you; it chases you and lingers behind you. It’s a reference mark. Perfume makes silence talk.

Sonia Rykiel

Check out the others perfumes in this range. You know you’re never fully dressed without perfume. We’ve got a handful waiting for you. Also, keep those feedbacks and reviews coming in. We love hearing from you.

P.S Testers in the pack are complimentary and strictly NOT FOR SALE.


Spray on body. Avoid spraying on clothes. Extrait de parfum is of the highest concentration of essences and is subject to changing colour with time.

Additional information

Directions For Use

Spray on body. Avoid spraying on clothes. Extrait de parfum is of the highest concentration of essences and is subject to changing colour with time.



Bottled on

June 2021

5 reviews for Masculino | Extrait de Parfum | For Men | Senses by Immortals

  1. Prerna Agarwal

    It was a perfect gift for my dad as he like perfumes! Thank you for the hand written note and the gift pack! It was awesome, loved it!

    • Immortals

      Thank you ma’am! We’re so happy that your dad loved it! 🙂

  2. Karan Manche

    Just Loving It 💕💕💕Stays Longer Than Expected

    • Immortals

      Thank you Sir! Appreciate it!

  3. Santosh Chaudhary

    Its k, every one has different taste my friend liked a much he took from me!

    • Immortals

      Thank you for the review Sir! We’ll come out with a few more products soon, we hope you like them.

  4. Waseem Khan

    Its very good product. It is strong and enough long lasting. Not for daily use but party oriented as it is strong. Boys can use for daily use also if they have hectic days. Fully satisfied with the product.

    • Immortals

      Thanks for the review, Sir! We hope you’re happy with your special request for 2 male fragrances instead of the female ones. Do shop with us again! 🙂

  5. Karan Singh

    The smell is purely citrusy but masculine (as the name suggest)🍋, I bought it through others recommendation, but it’s working for me! By the way, the bottle gives a quite good attraction✌️✌️… good marketing 👍 4 stars cz i hate citrus but i liked this one

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