5Vibes-Minis | Pack of 5 Extrait de Parfum | Senses by Immortals

The perfect pocket perfume set for you is here! 5Vibes Minis is literally our go-to for travellers like us and for people on the go constantly! 5 amazing perfumes for an absolutely attractive price. You won’t get a deal like this anywhere else.

  • Señorita
  • Masculino
  • Te Amo
  • Matador
  • Mademoiselle

Contains: e10mL per bottle, 130 sprays.

Nothing better than having it all. Just as our tagline; Play. Feel. Vibe. Roleplay with the 5 exquisite fragrances whenever you feel like one of them! Plus this makes a superb gift too *wink*. 

Spray on body | Aromas from France, bottled in India.

Get a whiff of the best scents brought to you exclusively by Senses by Immortals.


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5Vibes-Minis is a deal you cannot ignore. Get the beauty and elegance of Mademoiselle, playful seduction of Señorita, insane animal prowess of Matador, aristocracy and chivalry of Masculino, and experience the absolute purity of love of Te Amo with 5Vibes.  It’s got the all of the elements you need. So you can play with the fragrances and wear one on someday day and another one when you’re vibing with another one of our parfums.  It’s a catch you wouldn’t want to miss. You’ll know what we mean if you’ve already had a whiff of our parfums. All of them not only make you feel lux but also make you own the room. We highly recommend this as a gift for your loved ones. The perfect pocket perfume set for you is here! 5Vibes Minis is literally our go-to for travellers like us!

5Vibes-Minis has it all, but if you’re a parfum fiend like us, go big!

Senses by Immortals, brings to you aromas from France, bottled here in India. We’ve carefully and tastefully picked out fragrances which will reignite your senses from the inside out. We know you’ll keep coming back for more. We have come up with Senses listening to your feedback and have some more products waiting to be launched. A huge thank you to those who have reached out to us and given us your take on products which you would like to see us offer.

Perfume follows you; it chases you and lingers behind you. It’s a reference mark. Perfume makes silence talk.

Sonia Rykiel

Check out the others perfumes in this range. You know you’re never fully dressed without perfume. We’ve got a handful waiting for you. Also, keep those feedbacks and reviews coming in. We love hearing from you.


Spray on body. Avoid spraying on clothes. Extrait de parfum is of the highest concentration of essences and is subject to changing colour with time.

Additional information

Directions For Use

Spray on body. Avoid spraying on clothes. Extrait de parfum is of the highest concentration of essences and is subject to changing colour with time.


5 bottles of e10mL/0.33fl.oz each (Amounts to 130 sprays in each bottle)

Bottled on

Jan 2021

15 reviews for 5Vibes-Minis | Pack of 5 Extrait de Parfum | Senses by Immortals

  1. Raj

    These are so cute! All smells amazing….Matador mera favrite hai. Thank u Immortals.

    • Immortals

      Thank you Sir! Shop with us again 🙂

  2. Neeta

    Received the perfumes today! Good packaging. Really appreciate that little handwritten note in there! Really thoughtful! Coming to the perfumes, they all do smell exquisite.. Senorita probably has the best sillage! And I’m a perfume fiend so I know!

    The bottles are handy and really look luxurious unlike the flat pocket perfumes we get. I’d always prefer 5Vibes Minis over them. Immortals team great job!

    Definitely gonna get the pack of 5 big ones cz I’ll be using these really quickly!

    • Immortals

      Perfume fiend just like us at Senses! Love it! Thank you for the review ma’am! 🙂 Shop again soon.

  3. Samir

    I bought this after seeing an ad run on Facebook. And i am absolutely stoked to have made this purchase. The personal touch given is really sweet with the note and everything. A few days ago i did see an ad for 5Vibes originals and i thought ‘bhai ye toh expensive hai’ but now that i have the minis, i guess they’re totally worth it!

    • Immortals

      Thank you sir for such honest feedback! It means alot! Shop with us again soon.

  4. Vinod Nair

    • Immortals

      Thank you Sir! We’re glad you’re happy with the purchase! Do shop with us soon again 🙂

  5. Prachita Desai

    Found this via Instagram and couldn’t hold back from purchasing it! I’ve got no regrets! They’re perfect, all of them smell very exquisite. Packaging was done well too. I’m gonna get Mademoiselle the next time, mummy ko bahot accha laga and obviously me too. Forgetting something, the note in the package was really lovely. Fan ho gayi main!

    • Immortals

      Haha.. Thank you ma’am. We’re fans of customers like you! 🙂

  6. Kapil Tiwari

    1. The perfumes smell awesome.
    2. Longevity is pretty good.
    3. They have a classy look.

    Cons: The package was a little crushed, luckily there was enough bubble wrap in there so all the bottles were intact. I guess Shipping is to blame. Got no other complaints.

    Highly recommend it! Look forward to more products from you.

    • Immortals

      Really appreciate it Sir! We regret the fact that the package was crushed, we shall take better care when it comes to shipping. Do shop with us again soon 🙂

  7. Sheena Thakur

    Perfect longevity it stays on the cloths for at least two days. 4 stars cz the courier service made the outer package dirty it looked old but perfume was great. Change your delivery partner

    • Immortals

      We’re extremely sorry to hear that! We have changed it now and we hope nobody receives it the way you did ma’am. Appreciate the honest review!

  8. Grishma Shah

    Perfect pack at perfect price! I ordered the big one for my husband please send it soon!

    • Immortals

      Sure ma’am its on its way. You shall receive it soon enough

  9. Deepika Gupta

    Received it first thing in the morning.. its a nice small cute thing to carry around and be seductive all the time! And thank you for that cute hand written note.. recommended !

    • Immortals

      Thank you ma’am! We’re happy that you loved it!

  10. Razia Kala

    Good but Improve your packaging !

    • Immortals

      Yes ma’am. We’ve worked on it and we aim to make it the best! Appreciate it!

  11. Smita Barde

    So my package arrived really late but I’m still giving 5 stars cz I fell in love with the perfumes. I wanted to know are there any special discounts available on bulk orders? I’m getting married soon and I want to gift my Bachelorette hens this. Would be great if I would get some discount.

    • Immortals

      Many congratulations to you! and yes, of course, our support team will get in touch with you soon! We can definitely get you a discount. We’re sorry your order arrived late ma’am but glad that you still rated us 5 stars! A big thank you! 🙂

  12. Divya Saini

    Good Perfume. Recommended

    • Immortals

      Thank you ma’am. Shop with us again!

  13. Priyansh Soni

    Value for money hai. 300 mein 5 is a superb deal! Saare bahot amazing smell karte hai. Long lasting bhi. Loved it. 😍

  14. Siddhika Arora

    I bought this to gift my sis but actually I’ve been using them more than her. Even the male fragrances smell lovely. I’d love to know if you’ll come up with more perfumes! Recommended guys! 💖

  15. Shaikh feroz (verified owner)

    Good quality no1 fragrance

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