Ethics & Direct Seller’s/PC’s Privacy Policy

Ethics of Immortals:

  1. Introduction:

1.1 Immortex Marketing Private Limited (or “Immortals”) is a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and has its Registered Office in Plot no. 90, Row house 01, Shankar Shambhu Mandir Road, near GANESH TALAB, Sector 18A, Nerul, Navi Mumbai-400706, Maharashtra. Immortals is into the business of Direct Selling of various Health Care products and is looking to expand even further.

1.2 The ‘Ethics of Immortals’ needs to be observed and followed by an Immortals Direct Seller with full integrity and should make his/her downline follow it with the same commitment. Compliance with the ‘Ethics of Immortals’ is mandatory as stipulated under the Registration Form and any deviation from the provisions of it may lead to termination, forfeiture of bonuses and other rights and interests.

1.3 Immortals reserves the right to amend, change or withdraw the ‘Ethics of Immortals’, the terms and conditions of the Registration Form, the Business model and all the official Business literature at any point of time, which will be notified on the official website of Immortals ( It is advised to all the IDS (Immortals Direct Seller)  to check the official website for timely updates.

2. To be an Immortals Direct Seller:

2.1 Eligibility Criteria: Any person of 18 years and above, who is capable of executing a contract, not disqualified by any law can become an Immortals Direct Seller without any investment. The process is simple and joining is completely free. It is not mandatory to purchase any product as a condition of joining.

2.2 Sponsorship: To become an Immortals Direct Seller, it is not necessary for you to have a Sponsor, as we can provide you a Sponsor who resides in your vicinity or nearby pincode. In case you do have an active Sponsor, do mention it in the registration form provided on the website.

2.3 Member Portal and Activation: Immortals shall assign a unique ID to every Joinee, it will serve as an identity to the PC/IDS and all the transactions within Immortals shall be routed through this ID only.

2.3.1 To become an IDS, it is mandatory to register online. Any person who fulfills the eligibility criteria can become an Immortals Direct Seller of the company by filling the online registration form.

2.3.2 It is mandatory to complete KYC for the ID to get activated. Documents such as Aadhar card, PAN card, Bank Passbook/Cancelled cheque and ID Proof such as self- attested copy of Driving License, Passport, Voter Card need to be uploaded within the Profile section in the appropriate fields and submitted. Failure to complete KYC will result in ID suspension and payouts will be withheld. The said documents should be genuine, if found to be otherwise in Immortals’ KYC check, ID shall be suspended. 

2.3.3  If at the time of joining IDS’s income from other sources or turnover from any other business (if any) is more than ₹20 Lakhs then he/she has to furnish the details of GSTN as well.

2.4 Right to accept or reject the registration:The Company reserves the right to accept or to reject any applications for becoming PC/Immortals Direct Seller of Immortals without having to give any explanation whatsoever.

2.5 Orientation session: The applicant must have undergone the orientation session to understand all aspects of direct selling business, remuneration system and expected remuneration for a new Immortals Direct Seller.

2.6 Prohibited Practices:  

2.6.1 Immortals follows the directions given in Direct Selling Guidelines 2016 by Central Govt. and encourages its IDS to follow the same. There is no registration fee, mandatory purchase or minimum stock of product to maintain in Immortals. Neither the new applicant nor any currently working PC/IDS is required to do the following, as a condition to join Immortals Business or as a condition to get assistance from Immortals or its IDSs

i. Pay any joining fee.

ii. Maintain a specified minimum inventory.

iii. Purchase large quantities of inventory solely for the purpose of qualifying for any bonus or rank advancement.

iv. Purchase promotional tapes, literature, audio-visual aids, or other materials or programs.

v. Purchase tickets for and/ or attend or participate in seminars or other meetings.

2.6.2 Apart from these regulations/guidelines given by the central government, Immortals adheres to its internal code of conduct, it is a duty of all the IDS to follow them. 

i. An IDS shall not allow his/her friends, relative or any other IDS to do business on his/her IDS ID.

ii. IDS shall purchase products directly from the authorized outlets or distribution centers of Immortals, it is important to note that IDS shall not indulge in cross group selling or any such decisive practice.

Iii. An IDS must be a consumer of INNER ENGINEERING products in order to recommend it to potential prospects.

iv. IDS are required to buy INNER ENGINEERING products from outlets/ distribution centres by showing their IDS ID and must take a bill for every purchase, failing which the IDS shall not get any incentive/ bonus/ commission. 

v. An IDS cannot sell INNER ENGINEERING products above the MRP listed on each product or offer any promotional offer/ discount unless explicitly declared by Immortals itself. Any IDS, who is found to be offering a discount greater than 10% of the MRP for the product will be considered to be indulging in predatory pricing and company reserves its right to initiate disciplinary proceedings against that IDS as per the ‘Ethics of Immortals’ and take appropriate action including the termination of his/her ID.

vi. The IDS shall not market or sell or offer for sale any INNER ENGINEERING product by using any E-commerce platform, website, apps etc. without obtaining prior written consent from Immortals in order to undertake or solicit such sale or offer.

vii. It is the responsibility of the IDS to check/maintain his/her online member portal to get the latest information/ promotional activities etc. The IDS shall not share his/her Login ID and Password with any other person, Immortals will not be responsible if the IDS loses his/her Login ID and Password or that the credentials have been misused, the sole responsibility of safe keeping this information rests with the IDS hence it is advised to change the passwords from time to time to ensure safety. 

viii. Immortals tries to provide an ecosystem where like-minded people can interact and share their knowledge/ experience which would help them to achieve personal goals, that’s why all the IDS are requested not to discuss any Political or Religious issues, encourage discussions on those subjects which may create unhealthy feelings amongst members and Immortals staff.

ix. To maintain a healthy working environment, Immortals shall not tolerate any IDS who is involved in any illegal activities or business which may be against the policies of IMMORTALS or against Central, State or Local Rules or Regulations.

x.  With prior permission of Immortals an IDS can sell INNER ENGINEERING Products by installing a canopy, stall, or exhibit at any place or fair. IDS shall have the responsibility of obtaining the required permission for the same from the related Government Department or from the appropriate authorities.

xi . If an IDS  wants to set-up a Medical Camp where medical check-up and prescription is required then it shall not be done, without prior permission of Immortals, by a Qualified/Certified Doctor and it is the responsibility of that IDS to fulfill all the necessary formalities and should obtain prior permission from the appropriate authorities.

xii. It is strictly prohibited to consume Cigarete, Liquor and to chew Pan, Pan Masala and Tobacco & Gutkha during the Company’s seminars and meetings. Any IDS or their guest found to be in violation of this rule shall be subject to termination of ID.

2.7 Death/ Physical impairment of any IDS:

2.7.1 In an unfortunate event of death of an IDS, his/her business will be transferred to his/her Co-applicant or his/her nominee or to the legal heir determined by the court.

2.8 Offers, Gifts & Rewards 

2.8.1 To keep the spark alive in IDS business, Immortals announces various offers and gifts to acknowledge the efforts and dedication of its IDS. A qualification criteria will be announced with all the gifts, offers and rewards to claim the benefits.

2.8.2 In any case if the Qualified IDS achieves any rewards, gifts he/she can claim the same within 6 months. Ater the aforesaid period of 6 months Immortals or any of its outlet or distribution center shall not be in a position to entertain any such claim.

2.8.3 An IDS who has qualified for any award/ gift /tour cannot get it exchanged with any other gift or in cash. Immortals organizes tours for its qualified IDS, if such qualified IDS does not avail tour, the IDS cannot ask for his inclusion in any other tour as well as cannot demand cash in lieu of that tour. In case of Foreign Tour, if the visa application of qualified IDS has been rejected by the embassy on any grounds, Immortals shall not be held responsible for the same and shall not be liable to compensate the IDS.

2.8.4 In case an IDS has enrolled with the same PAN number and both have achieved the reward target, only one of them shall be rewarded.

2.9 Resignation/ Re-Join – 

2.9.1 IDS can resign from Business Associateship any time, and his/her wallet balance will be transferred to his mentioned account number during the next payout. For Re-joining the Member would need to fill out a new Free Registration form on the Immortals website and a new ID & Password will be generated and your Total Earning / Position Rewards etc will be fresh.

2.9.2 Resignation Procedure:

To resign, the IDS should download the resignation form from and send it with all the necessary details and documents to Immortals head office by post.

2.9.3 He/She shall have no claims and rights on any incentive, commissions, gift and award arising through his/her ID from the date of resignation.

2.9.4 Termination:- If any IDS violates any of the clauses in the ‘Ethics of Immortals’ and terms and conditions given in the Application form/website/business model book, then Immortals reserves the right to terminate the delinquent IDSs’ associateship with Immortals immediately without any notice. It is important to note that once terminated, If any associate terminated by the company wishes to rejoin the company then he has to take permission from the company before rejoining Immortals business.

2.9.5 Inactive IDS: If an IDS fails to make business via expanding sales team or reselling within period of 5 months, he/she is liable to get terminated as an IDS. Immortals shall notify the said IDS before termination of his/her associateship.


This Privacy Policy describes how Immortals use personal data collected or received from Immortals Direct Sellers (IDSs) and Preferred Customers (PCs). It describes how we may collect or receive your personal data, the types of personal data we may collect, how we use, share and protect these data, how long we retain these data, your rights, and how you can contact us about our privacy practices.

How We May Collect or Receive Personal Data from You

Registration: Immortals collects your personal data through the registration form that you complete and send to us in paper form or electronically through the Immortals website ( in order to become an IDS or PC.

Logged in as IDS or PC: If you are logged in on the Website as an IDS or PC we may collect your personal data from you, for example, when you order products or when you update your KYC.

Contacting Us: You may also choose to submit your personal data and other information to us through various communication channels provided on the Contact Us webpage of the Website, for example, your e-mail addresses, telephone numbers or your Immortals ID.

Cookies: If you are logged in on the Website we may also use cookies or similar technologies that collect certain Website usage information when you access, view and use the Website. A cookie is a data file placed on a computer or mobile device when it is used to visit websites. To learn more about the cookies used by Immortals, please read the Website Privacy Notice.

You may disable cookies in your browser’s settings (e.g., under the Preferences or Internet Options features of your browser). Note, however, that some features of the Website may not function properly if you disable the use of cookies. For detailed information on how to manage or delete cookies, visit

The Types of Personal Data We May Collect

We may collect the following personal data from you:

·         Contact information (e.g., name, postal or email address, fax number and phone number)

·         Gender, age, nationality, date and place of birth

·         IDS or PC registration number, username

·         Aadhar Details / PAN Details / Driving Licence Details (including number, issue date, issue location and expiration date) and National ID number to the extent permitted or required by applicable law

·         IDS or PC performance information (e.g., class, status, group and personal qualifications under the Immortals Sales and Marketing Plan and financial/bonus history)

·         Product preferences, purchasing habits, purchasing history and spending behaviour;

·         Your website usage, IP-address, browser type and operating system.

·         The details of the Nominee.

The Types of Sensitive Personal Data We May Collect

We may collect the following Sensitive personal data from you:

·         Passwords for accessing our Site

·         Payment information (e.g., such as bank account number, IFSC Code, Branch Name/Address)

·         We may collect other personal data in exceptional circumstances only. If we do need to process such personal data about you, we will make sure that there is a valid legal basis for doing so (e.g. your explicit consent).

How We Use the Personal and Sensitive Data We Collect

We may use the information we obtain about you to:

·         To manage your registration as an IDS or PC.

·         Create and manage your online account and respond to your inquiries;

·         Process your orders of products.

·         Communicate with you (e.g., about products or services that we offer, or intend to offer).

·         Evaluating your satisfaction with our current communications, materials, products and/or services.

·         Developing new products and services and determining the effectiveness of our advertising; and

·         Tracking and analysing your use of products, materials and/or services

·         Track, document and analyse your line of sponsorship;

·         Assessing your performance under your Immortals Business or Member Registration Agreement with us;

·         In case of an IDS, provide business performance information to you (e.g., information on your line of sponsorship, purchase volumes, earned bonuses, levels of awards, your referring IDS or, and your up line IDS under the Immortals Sales and Marketing Plan);

·         In case of an IDS, provide your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address to IDSs in both your up line and your down line.

·         In case of a PC, provide information to you related to your purchases and under the loyalty program.

·         In case of PC, your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address to your Servicing Distributor.

·       Facilitate your use of the Website through the use of cookies (e.g., to offer the shopping basket facility, to remember log in details and language preferences, etc.);

·         Facilitate your use of the Website through the use of cookies (e.g., to offer the shopping basket facility, to remember log in details and language preferences, etc.);

·         Improve the Website, including by tracking and monitoring your use of the Website through the use of cookies, and to diagnose problems with the software or hardware we use;

·         Perform accounting, auditing, billing and collection activities;

·         Enforce contractual terms and conditions;

·         Protect against and prevent fraud, unauthorized transactions, claims and other liabilities; and

·         Comply with applicable legal requirements, industry standards and our policies.

·         If you choose not to provide your personal data or withdraw consent in writing subsequently, we may not be able to provide the above services and reserve the right to terminate the IDS or PC contract with you.

How We May Share Personal and Sensitive Data

Immortals does not sell, rent or trade or publish your personal and sensitive data except as required by law. Immortals may share your personal and sensitive data only with:

·         Entities within the Immortals group to whom it is reasonably necessary or desirable for Immortals to disclose personal and Sensitive data;

·         Government authorities or other third parties, if required by law or reasonably necessary to protect the rights, property and safety of others or ourselves.

How We May Share Personal Data

·         For IDSs

With IDSs in your up line or down line organization, to support your business and/or allow communication regarding product advice, ordering advice and product information for the products that you order from Immortals;

·         For PCs

With your Servicing Distributor.

International Data Transfers

We do not have any international offices or entities for any kind of DATA Transfer, until further notice.

How We Protect Personal Data

We maintain appropriate technical and organizational security safeguards designed to protect the personal data you provide against accidental, unlawful or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use.

Material Terms

Terms of Payout

Immortals shall levy variable charges towards administration. These charges are subject to change with respect to company expansion, server maintenance and related expenses.

The payout of members will be made between the 1st to 10th of every month; a minimum of Rs.1000 should be available in your wallet to become eligible for payout. As per Income Tax Department of India, 10 % TDS (or such higher percentage as may be prescribed under the Income Tax Act and the Rules) will be deducted every month on each payout.

Members are not eligible to withdraw balance from their wallets. It will be automatically credited in your bank account mentioned in your KYC in your profile on the given date slab by the company.

Company doesn’t hold any responsibility if the members have mentioned the wrong bank details; the profile holder (member) shall hold complete responsibility if any amount is credited during payout to the wrong bank account. Immortals will hold no liability against your mistake.

Date of Payout / Minimum payout are the rights of Immortals and is subject to change without any prior notice.

Immortals bear all the rights to hold payouts in case KYC is not complete or the bank details are not updated, without any notice.

Repurchase Policy

Immortals Associates (IDS) / Members can repurchase the products of IMMORTALS (Inner Engineering) through the list of franchisees mentioned on the website (

Any person/ Franchisee / Distributor willing to market the products on any website / e-commerce / online portals / their own shops – should get a written permission from the company.

The products of INNER ENGINEERING can only be sold by companies registered with us. Any person / firm / distributor found selling products without permission will be liable to legal actions.

Repurchase products are sold at the defined rates according to the Immortals Management mentioned on the website which is at a discounted rate for members or Franchisee, which is below the MRP. Any person / franchisee / distributor found selling our products above the mentioned rates will be liable to legal actions from the management and the payout will be withheld without any prior notice.      

Cooling off Period

A period of 30 days from the date of purchase / Date of registration is set for the member to return their product or cancel their registration. A total refund will be initiated in the next Payout period. To cancel the registration please raise a support ticket or contact us directly from the website.

Warranty And Refund

Every member is liable to return or exchange if there is any defect in the product. (The defect in packaging / open capsule / leakage / broken seal is subject to manufacturing) The product can be exchanged within 30 days of  the purchase / Registration by a member; the product should be returned without use. 

If the product is returned and fails our inspection checks, the refund will not be initiated. To exchange or return your product please contact your direct upline or raise a support ticket within the member portal or contact us through the website contact us form or you can write to us directly on or

Suspension of ID

If any member is found inactive for a period of 5 months from the date of registration / date of last repurchase, the member shall be intimated via text message / phone call / email from the top management. Immortals hold all the rights to withhold payouts, thereafter the member shall be blocked with a grace period of 30 days, eventually resulting in suspension of the account in case of inactivity.

Obligations of Direct Sellers (Members)


  1. Members engaged in direct selling should carry a valid Identity card and not visit the customer’s premises without prior appointment / approval.
  2. Every member associated with Immortals should offer a prospective consumer an accurate and complete explanation and demonstration of the products of INNER ENGINEERING, Prices, Credit terms, terms of payouts, return policies, terms of warranty and return policies rights of the Direct sellers rules and regulations etc.
  3. A direct seller shall keep a proper book of accounts stating the details of the products, price, tax and the quantity and other such details of the products sold by him/her, in such form as per applicable law.


  1. Use misleading, deceptive and/or unfair trade practices, including misrepresentations of actual or potential sales or earnings and advantages of Direct Selling to any prospective direct seller in their interaction with prospective direct sellers.
  2. Make any factual representation to a prospective direct seller on behalf Immortals Management about the benefits of the product or the business plans.
  3. Knowingly make, omit, engage, or cause, or permit to be made, any representation relating to the direct selling operation, including remuneration system and agreement between the Company Management and the direct sellers, or goods and / or services being sold by such direct sellers which is false and / or misleading.
  4. Direct sellers are not allowed to provide any literature and/or training materials not restricted to collateral issues by the Immortals Management, to prospective and / or existing direct sellers both within and outside the Management, which has not been approved by the Immortals Management. All the promotional materials/ products research papers / company profile / business plan / payout plans will be uploaded directly on the website ( Apart from the contents on the website, Immortals management hold no responsibility of the flyers / promotional material being distributed. 
  5. Support System / Grievance Redressal 

All the complaints / suggestions / modifications / requests received over phone, emails, website, post, walk-in will be addressed by the Support System in the members panel. The grievance redressal committee / Support System Management Team will resolve the issues within the time frame provided (based on priority and severity of the issue) and will inform about the changes to the member through communication channels.

Our Grievance Officers with contact details:  

1. Sharlot Rodrigues,

2. Piyush Kushwaha,

3. Rajnarayan Kushwaha,

How Long We Retain Personal Data

We store personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which we collect the data (see above under How We Use the Personal Data We Collect), except if required otherwise by law.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

Immortals may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any updates or changes to the terms of this Privacy Policy will be posted here on our website ( and the date of the newest version posted. Please check back frequently, especially before you submit any Personal and/or Sensitive Information, to see if this Privacy Policy has changed. We will notify you of any significant changes to this Privacy Policy on the website ( All changes shall be effective from the date of publication unless otherwise provided in the notification.

Acceptance to this Privacy Policy

By signing the Immortals Direct Seller Contract or the Preferred Customer Contract, you acknowledge acceptance of this Privacy Policy in effect at the time of use.

Your Rights

Your rights under applicable law may include access to the personal data we process about you and the right to have such personal data corrected.

How to Contact Us

If you have any comments or inquiries about this Privacy Policy, if you would like to update information we have about you, or to exercise your rights, you may contact us, at or call +91 75068 06484

Updated on: 15th October, 2020