Why Go Solar in 2021: all benefits explained

why go solar in 2021
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What are the real reasons why it’s become extremely important for us all to Go Solar in 2021? Read on to know all the benefits.

Increased Rates per Unit for Residential/ Commercial / Industrial customers

The rate per unit charged by your electricity board

Solar reduces your energy bills

The solar power generated by your panels from the sun can help you save money on your energy bills or possibly remove them entirely.
With grid power becoming more expensive, owning a solar energy system allows you to create your own power, acting as a form of insurance policy against the consequences of future electric rate hikes.
Avoiding growing electricity rates over the course of your system’s 25-year lifespan is quite enticing, especially with monthly savings increasing over time as power prices rise.

Battery storage keeps the lights on in a power outage

Battery storage allows you to store the solar electricity generated by your solar panels. Moreover, you’ll also be able to keep your appliances, like your refrigerator, operating in the event of a power outage, preventing your food from deteriorating and saving you a trip to the grocery store as well as money!
Solar batteries and residential energy storage systems have gotten much less expensive in recent years as technology has advanced.

Solar is a smart investment in 2021

Residential solar energy systems typically yield a return on investment of 10-20% for homeowners. Also, this is a 5-10 year payback period for a system that will last 25-30 years.
If you were to invest in the stock market, such a return on investment would be regarded as extraordinary. Stocks and shares fluctuate in value; the return on investment from a solar system has a far lower risk profile. Besides, it is certain that you will continue to use electricity, not only that but also the investment income from solar (in the form of electric bill savings) is very secure and reliable. We think this point is often overlooked by people considering the investment case for a home solar system.

Solar is good for the environment

Solar power doesn’t pollute the air or produce greenhouse gases. It replaces other non-renewable power sources like oil, gas, and coal, and using a renewable energy source stops the need to use fossil fuels to generate our electricity.

In the US, The Biden Administration aims to stop the use of fossil fuels by 2035; we will have to reduce our carbon footprint to achieve this and solar panels are the best way to do it.

Why shouldn’t India as well catch up to this? Let’s help each other and let’s help our Mother Earth to survive longer.

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