Do you really need solar power? Reasons not to install solar

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Today, switching to renewable energy is the wisest course of action because the globe is continually evolving and its population is out of control. Solar energy is the best suitable choice for reducing carbon footprint and regulating global temperature.
Solar might be your greatest option, but for others, it’s just another costly expenditure that is more of a liability than an asset.

Lets look at a few reasons WHY NOT TO GO SOLAR

The investments are not suitable for you.

The profitability of solar can be negatively impacted by a number of issues, some of which were covered here.  If any of these circumstances apply to you, switching to solar power may not result in significant financial savings.
The following are some things that will affect your ability to make money from solar panel installation:

High installation fees for your solar energy system, this is typically due to high expenses for solar equipment and/or installation where you reside.
Due to space constraints, it is impossible to build a solar panel system large enough to save enough money on electricity bills.
Your home’s capacity for solar energy is significantly impacted by roof concerns like shadowing or an unfavorable direction or angle.
Low energy expenses imply you save money, whether via low electric rates or sparse use.

Your house isn’t suitable for solar

  • You have a small home
  • You have a small household size
  • Your home and appliances are energy efficient
  • You enjoy low electric rates from your local utility
  • You plan to move or sell your home
  • The roof is the most common place to put solar panels — but it’s not the only place they can go and also Ground-mounting isn’t possible for you.
  • There’s too much shade on your roof
  • The roof’s layout is unfavorable
  • Your roof is too small
  • Your roof is too old

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