Things to consider before you install Solar Panels?

Install Solar Panels
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Solar panels are a terrific investment these days, but to make sure you get the most out of your money, look into all of the factors before deciding on the right panel, the right partner, and the ideal system.

Following are the things you should keep in mind before installing solar on your roof space:

1. Choose the Right Equipment

Within photovoltaic systems, there are many different types of solar panels to choose from, but the two most common are mono-crystalline and poly crystalline silicon. Silicon mono-crystalline panels have been found to be more efficient than poly-crystalline panels. Choosing a renowned solar panel brand will have a considerably greater impact on the amount of energy your system generates.

2. Measure Energy Use

A good solar installer will assist you in calculating your energy consumption. This is crucial in determining how much energy your solar system will generate. You can make an informed decision on how many solar panels to install and how much of your energy usage can be covered by solar by understanding the average amount of energy you will consume.

 3. Decide The Correct Placement

Where to place your solar panels can have a much greater effect on the amount of electricity generated. • If you live in the northern hemisphere, for maximum exposure to the sun, solar panels can be placed on a south-facing roof. • In the southern hemisphere, solar panels are best placed on a north-facing roof. • However, if you don’t use much energy in the middle of the day and energy use is in the evening, a west-facing solar array might be more useful. • If you prefer more solar electricity generation in the mornings, an east-facing direction would be preferable. It is true that solar panels facing east or west generate less energy throughout the entire day than those facing the equator, however unless you intend to install a battery or if feed-in tariffs are available where you live, this can result in a better use of your electricity.

4. Choose Good Installers

Last but the least, once you are well informed on the above topics, it is important to choose a reputable installer that will: · Examine and survey and assess your requirement, available space, roof condition etc · Help you choose the ideal technology and installation · Obtain the necessary permits and paperwork · Perform the installation · Give you generation guarantee . Frugal maintenance package Your own solar panels could allow you to be independent from the electrical grid, reduce your carbon footprint and possibly lower your electricity bills by installing them. You can learn more about the most efficient solar panels by getting in touch with Immortals power, one of the best companies in solar panels in India.

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