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We at IMMORTALS, want to build a knowledge base for our customers and dealers. All in one place. So be it either, all will be updated on the latest happenings and advancements of the solar industry.

By educating our citizens about solar energy, green energy, renewable energy, we are in turn fulfilling the bigger picture of taking a step closer to being energy efficient nation. We want to do our part and help our government in making this happen at the earliest. Education be it in a field is really important and when people know what we’re missing out on, as they say FOMO, we’ll gradually realize we have been ignoring such a huge source of energy, OUR SUN of course!

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  • Please ensure that the content is original, catchy, unique and, where appropriate, include suitable references. The length of the article should be at least 400 words. For this blog post, you shall be paid ₹200. (no hidden deductions)
  • Two relevant images should be included in the post: one featured image (1920×1080) and another image relevant to the blog post (600×400).
  • Wherever possible, use points and subheadings.
  • We hate plagiarism! If we discover that the information is plagiarized, we will immediately block the author and cease to cover everything related to the author, the brand, or the firm in the future.

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