Warm list: What Is It & How Do I Make One

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Hello there my fellow network marketing associates! Today we’re going to share with you a few words from a book we highly recommend to you. This book will definitely turn your journey onto the right pathway to becoming a millionaire someday. We’re a 100% sure, if you follow all the techniques mentioned in here, there’s definitely no turning back from the road to success! One of the bestselling books written by Mark and Rene Yarnell, ‘Your First Year in Network Marketing’ should be one of the ‘Go-To’ books for any newbie in our industry. They have given countless tips on how to reach the very top in the MLM world. One of the many such tips being explaining and elaborating on ‘Warm List‘. Let’s dive into it!

In Their Words…

‘Fundamental to the establishment of a network marketing business is the creation of what we call the “warm list.” A “warm list” is a group of individuals from your past and present whom you know well enough that were you to pick up the telephone and call them, they would recognize you
once they heard your name. The value of a warm list is that for the first few months, new distributors are able to speak with people they know, and more importantly, those with whom they would love to forge a
lifetime business relationship.

Your warm list is what sets you apart from everyone else in the business. It is your edge for success. Without it, your approach to this business is not terribly different from standing on a street corner selling newspapers.

Creating a Large Warm List

The larger your warm list, the more solidly you will establish your business. By age thirty, social psychologists have noted, the average person literally knows 2,000 people on a first-name basis. One of the first steps for new distributors is to begin making a 2,000-person list of people they know personally. We can hear the gasps and sighs already. Why do we recommend such a large warm list? If distributors are asked to create a 200-
person list, they will average sixty or seventy names and feel proud. If they are urged to target ten times this many, they will generally come with hundreds of names and apologize for being short of the goal. Once you are well on your way with your list, select your top twenty-five people, those with whom you would most enjoy being in business.

Everyone has a warm list, but most don’t know how to identify and record the names. Two thousand is a shocking number, but even more shocking is our inability to recall a mere 10% of those acquaintances without a specific triggering device. A triggering device is any list of people, places, occupations, directories, or things that allow us to recall people from our past. The next section consists of a memory jogger to help you develop your own warm list.


Who Do You Know Who(m)…

you respect; shows genuine concern for other people; people always seem to like; does personal counseling (such as church leaders, doctors, lawyers, etc.); is a professional; is in clubs and various group organizations or active in civic affairs; is in a teaching position in a school or business; deals with the public (such as police officers, firefighters, mail carriers, city officials); is in a management, supervisory, consultant, or trainer capacity; is looking for more out of life; is ambitious, assertive, and “on the go”; is considered a leader; attracts leaders; has children just starting junior high, high school, or college; has children with special talents that should be developed; wants to set a good example for their children to follow; owns a business; holds a very responsible position that is causing stress and pressure; wants to have freedom; is considering a new profession, changing jobs, or has recently changed jobs; is unable to advance in her job; has talents but `is held back; just started selling or is an experienced direct salesperson; relies on ideas for his livelihood (authors, designers, promoters, advertisers); has never been able to get started or failed in business but still has strong desires; is going to college, business school, trade school, etc., or just graduated; was recently married and is just “starting out”; knows everyone in town; has international connections; exudes credibility; is elected to office; works with you now; you see at the gym; is looking for a job; you play tennis with; you know from the old neighborhood; appraised your home; already has a great job; takes care of your car; you take your cleaning to; is your accountant; you do civic work with; does your hair; runs the spa; you see at the copy shop; delivers your mail; seems to change jobs often; did your home repairs; is concerned about her skin and hair; is
concerned about his weight; is into sports fitness; wants more time with the family.

Who Are Our Relatives…

parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, children, step-relations.

Who Sold Us Our..

house, car/tires, television/stereo, fishing license, hunting license, suit, tie, shoes, business cards, wedding rings, eyeglasses/contacts, vacuum cleaner, boat, camper, motorcycle, bicycle, living room furniture, air conditioner, kitchen appliances, lawnmower, luggage, Avon products, Tupperware, carpet.

Do You Know Someone Who…

lives next door/across the street; is my spouse’s barber/hairdresser; teaches our children at school; was best man/usher/maid of honor/bridesmaid; was the photographer who took our wedding pictures; is the purchasing agent where I work; is the finance director at school; goes hunting or fishing with me; was my Army/ Navy buddy; is the architect who drew up house plans; goes bowling with me/us; is president of the PTA; was my spouse’s college fraternity brother/sister; we met camping; is the credit manager of the store where I shop; is my spouse’s old high school teacher/principal; repaired my television; upholstered my couch; we knew on our old jobs; went with us to the races; is in my car pool; installed our telephone; has a laundromat; teaches ceramics; owns a taxi service; cuts the grass (parents); painted the house; owns the pet shop where I bought our dog; installed our refrigerator; renewed my driver’s license; owns an apartment, is in Rotary/ Lions/Kiwanis with me; is Jaycee president; plays bridge with me/us; is in garden club; is in book club; is my child’s kindergarten teacher; is a deacon in my church; owns a slipcover and drapery business; manages an athletic club; gave me a speeding/parking ticket; does our income tax; cleans our clothes; hung our wallpaper; taught our children Driver’s Education this summer; works with the rescue squad; owns beach/mountain cottage where we vacationed; sells us gasoline and services our car; sold my wife her wig; owns a nursery; delivers parcels; works with an exterminator/pest company; stores my wife’s winter coat; sells ice cream in the neighborhood; owns and manages the jewellery store downtown; sells aluminium awnings; works for the travel agency.

Take the time and use the resources to develop your list. All new distributors should sit down in a quiet room with several triggering devices and attempt to create a warm list of 2,000 people. It should take two or three days to get a good start and, by the end of the first month, you should be well on your way to hitting the target. You will never regret starting your business with this tool. Network marketing, by its very nature, requires you to talk to large numbers of people. The longer your warm list, the better your chances for success.’

To Sum it Up

We have given you the icing as well as the cherry, but you would need a proper base to actually taste the blend of flavours. In other words, we recommend you to read this book, using it as a mantra to advance your journey as a network marketer. It is our pleasure to educate more and more people about the wonderful world of direct selling. We will be recommending more such books and sharing a few life experiences of people who have strived towards their goal and achieved it. Stay tuned for more…

Happy Networking! Happy Immortals! ๐Ÿ™‚

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