Attrition, Deception and Presumption: The 3 ‘tions’ We All Shun

attrition, deception, presumption
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Greetings my fellow network marketers!! Hope your weekend has started off with a bang! Today we’re going to discuss 3 such things which are of prime importance in our industry: Attrition, Deception and Presumption. So you ask, ‘Why are they of prime importance?’ This is precisely why we need to focus on them. Many budding network marketers throw themselves into this industry headfirst without weighing their decisions or outcomes. True, it’s all sort of an adrenaline rush when you get to hear a business model which is not only exciting but also has products which would benefit the world and environment. After all, the ultimate goal of us humans is to help each other out, but this thought is quite often sidelined. Well, to be honest, it seems to be entirely forgotten.

Alright, coming back to the point, the answer to your question will be explained in parts. This just cannot be explained in brief because we want all of us to thoroughly understand the impacts of the 3 ‘tions’ on our business.


What do we understand from the word ‘attrition’? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as ‘a reduction in numbers usually as a result of resignation, retirement, or death‘.

Let’s think of a scenario: You’re leading an organization of around 50 to 60 people. You’re still doing your fair share of frontline recruiting and are determined to reach your target of 200 people within a few months. Everything has been going well and you’re able to convert most of your potential prospects. Not more than one month is remaining to achieve your target when you feel you are doing spectacular and you deserve to lay back and relax for a bit. Two weeks have passed and you realize you are still 30 people away from your target of 200 people. You literally have only 5 days left to cover that up. Where did you go wrong?

You need not do any digging for the answer! It’s simple, things started going downhill when you let yourself loose, thinking that things have already fallen into place. Taking a break is absolutely fine, but your timing needs to be on point. You see, it’s a bit like the story we’ve listened to in our childhood; The one about the tortoise and the hare. The hare thinks he has come this far and will definitely win and takes a snooze. Let that he knows, he napped for way too long and the tortoise has beaten him to the race.

To wind that up, here’s our tip #1: Don’t let overconfidence bog you down! As a network marketer, we cannot stop working altogether. We need to constantly keep recruiting and keep the morale high of our downline. The key to having a widespread organization is to give constant motivation to your recruits. The minute we become laid back, our organization has the same effect. It’s similar to a domino effect. Without your motivation, things can quickly go downhill. People either stop putting in their efforts or lose hope in the business completely and quit. All we got to do is, keep our focus in the game, keep your organization active and motivated day in and day out.


Don’t they say ‘Looks can be deceiving.’? This holds so much weight for us network marketers. Reason being, when we start off with a new company, often we tend to some research about the company. See their products or services, in an effort to convince ourselves of their authenticity. Nowadays, we can see sort of a trend in the Indian network marketing industry wherein, people advertise by making claims which seem to be too good to be true. This is clearly, a very wrong path to take. Often, such claims never meet their expectations and people fall for it due to innocence and improper knowledge about the business.

It is of the utmost importance to us, that we are transparent about our business. If we advertise in the wrong way, it’s possible to end up in legal troubles. So be very careful about how you promote your company. More often than never, companies do their promotions keeping in mind laws and regulations. Hence, it is the better alternative for you to advertise or promote your business just the way your company does, to avoid any legal hassles.

To summarize, here’s our tip #2: Deception can never win you success. Give details or say nothing. Stay loyal to your company, explain the works to your potential prospects or if you aren’t clear on the facts, don’t make false claims. Take your prospect along with you as a guest to the company’s seminar.


The word itself says it all. Presumption is ‘an idea that is taken to be true on the basis of probability’. Oh, this can never be good for us. But it’s part of human nature to presume a lot of things based on ‘word of mouth’. And, we all know network marketing pretty much functions on ‘word of mouth’. In our industry, gossip or grapevine communication spreads like wildfire and is generally hard to contain. Too many people get prejudiced about one particular thing very easily here.

So, how do we avoid being opinionated? Quite simply, get your facts straight! Never indulge in meaningless talks which seem over-exaggerated and have no truth to it. Not just indulge, we also advise that never become a channel for it either. Spread the word only when it holds value and when it’s bound to something good for another. Train your organization to run on these values. Teach your downline to inspire not to make gossip. There are already far too many incidences in our industry when one’s mistakes have to led a large population of people to believe that ‘network marketing is just a scam.’ Educate your leaders to understand how we need to eliminate such thoughts from potential prospects.

We need to show them the true face of network marketing. And, that is ‘the need to help each other’. Help one another by informing them about the products we’re using and how it can even help them. It is our duty to be a good neighbour to one another by sharing what is good. So, let’s keep it simple.

Here’s our tip #3: Success breeds success. If you’re successful, so will your downline prosper.

This was our insight on the 3 ‘tions’ we all shun: attrition, deception and presumption. We’d love to hear your experiences of working in the network marketing world. Happy weekend everybody! 🙂

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